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Is your little one struggling with communication, literacy or social skills?If so, you may be looking for a speech pathology practice within the Mount Claremont area.. Kid Speak delivers comprehensive speech pathology interventions and assessments, to ensure your child gets the most out of their therapy sessions. Kid Speak is ready to support your child with whatever area they may need help with.

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Early Intervention Is Best

Kid Speak’s philosophy centres around identifying and addressing issues early in a child’s life. We focus on detecting speech or communication problems early and providing a supportive structure to help children build new communication skills. By recognising these difficulties early, we can guide your child’s development and ensure consistent improvement throughout their therapy.

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Providing Therapy

Kid Speak provides focused, personalised speech pathology in Mt Claremont. However, our expertise extends beyond speech, offering various other services to help children with literacy, social skills and early language intervention. We also provide evidence based assessments and interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder.. Our comprehensive approach and enjoyable, evidence-based therapies are all centred around your child’s needs.

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Working Together

Choosing Kid Speak for your child’s development isn’t just about finding a speech therapist in Mt Claremont. We strongly believe that parents are the experts in their child’s development which is why parents are involved every step of the way. Nobody knows your child better than you, and we collaborate extensively to ensure the very best treatment outcomes.

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Literacy Milestones

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Early Communication Milestones

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