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Play / Social Skills

Social skills are the play and interaction skills that underpin positive social interactions. Social skills are important for your child’s ability to create and maintain meaningful friendships. They also provide a framework for how children make sense of their world.

Some kids can find it difficult to make and maintain friendships. Others find it difficult to interpret subtle social rules and nuances.

Therapy targeting social skills can help your child make and maintain friendships and relationships.

Our Social Skills Services

Our experienced therapists use evidence-based techniques derived from the Social Thinking Curriculum to develop your child’s social skills. Through these techniques, we can target:

  • Conversational skills including taking turns, eye contact and questions.
  • Early play skills, including pretend play and initiating play.
  • Theory of Mind and empathy, such as the ability to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”.
  • Understanding of social cues and expected behaviours.
  • Flexible thinking and sharing.
  • Making and maintaining friendships.

Learn about social skills milestones on our fact sheet.

If you’re concerned about your child’s social skills, we can help.

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