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Paediatric Speech Pathology – Perth WA

At Kid Speak, our Speech Pathologists believe in evidence-based, fun and effective speech therapy. We have two offices (Shenton Park and Success) within Perth, WA and our highly skilled Speech Pathologists are here to help your child achieve their communication goals. We are a specialist, children’s speech therapy provider and believe in the importance of early intervention therapy.

Our Speech Therapists are experienced in delivering high quality speech therapy to children of all ages across a range of learning delays and disabilities (including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Global Developmental Delay). We are a registered NDIS provider and provide speech therapy programs grounded in play-based learning, Discrete Trial Training and Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA).

Your child will develop communication skills in a safe and supported learning environment and achieve their goals across therapy, home and school settings. We provide speech pathology services with clinic, home, daycare and school settings.

Early Intervention is Best

Children learn to communicate by interacting with the people around them. If you have concerns about whether your child is understanding and speaking within developmental milestones, don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialist Speech Pathologists for a speech therapy assessment.

Providing Therapy

Every child we work with is treated as an individual and speech therapy plans are developed according to the unique needs of your child. Our dedicated Speech Pathologists use a range of methods across a variety of areas to ensure speech therapy is effective. Paediatric speech therapy should be fun, evidence based and empowering – we want your child to achieve their fullest potential!

Working Together

Using specialist kids’ speech therapy approaches, our expert Speech Pathologists will work alongside you and your child to ensure a positive outcome. We will support your child through their communication journey. Through our tailored speech therapy sessions, we can help your child achieve extraordinary things.

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What Is Children’s Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy begins with an assessment of your child’s current communication skills. Your Speech Pathologists will work with your child to determine areas of strength, as well as areas which require support. From there, a tailor made speech therapy plan is made to target areas of challenge. As your child develop’s their skills, your Speech Pathologist will continue monitoring and changing their goals to ensure they achieve success.

Developing a Speech Therapy Plan

Following your child’s assessment, your speech therapist will work alongside you to set therapy goals and ensure a comprehensive speech therapy plan is in place. This plan is designed to build your child’s skills, enabling them to communicate more effectively.

Ongoing Treatment

Once we’ve worked with you to develop a long-term therapy plan, we’ll provide constant progress updates and keep you informed of your child’s developments. We will link in with your child’s school/ daycare, to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

What Can We Help With?

At Kid Speak, our speech pathologists specialise in a full range of speech therapy treatments.

We can help with:
Language development and broadening your child’s vocabulary.
– Improving literacy skills to help reading and writing.
– Developing social skills.
– Addressing speech issues, including stuttering or pronunciation problems.
– Implementing assistive technology where required.
– Treating problems with swallowing, thumb sucking and other detrimental oral habits.

Our speech therapists are hold degrees in speech pathologiy and are Certified Practising members of Speeech Pathology Australia.

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