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Speech Therapist Near You

Speech Therapists Near You

Our speech therapists in Perth are located near you. We have speech pathology clinics both North and South of Perth in Shenton Park and Success.

Research shows that early intervention is essential for children who have challenges communicating. At Kid Speak Perth, it is at the heart of everything we do.

Our modern, purpose-designed offices are equipped with toys and engaging resources for your child. So your child feels comfortable visiting either of our offices.

Location maps: Shenton Park | Success

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Early Intervention Is Best

Children learn to communicate by interacting with the people around them. If you have concerns about whether your child is understanding and speaking within developmental milestones, don’t hesitate to contact our specialist speech therapists for a speech pathology assessment.

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Providing Therapy

Every child we work with is treated as an individual and speech therapy plans are developed according to your child’s unique needs. Our dedicated speech pathologists use a range of methods across a variety of areas to ensure speech therapy is effective. Paediatric speech therapy should be fun, evidence based and empowering – we want your child to achieve their fullest potential!

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Working Together

Using specialist kids’ speech therapy approaches, our expert speech pathologists in Perth will work alongside you and your child to ensure a positive outcome. We will support your child through their communication journey. Through tailored speech therapy sessions, we can help your child achieve extraordinary things.

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Early Communication Milestones

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