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What is Literacy?

Literacy is your child’s ability to read, spell and write.

Many children develop early literacy skills around age three, and continue meeting milestones as they grow. It is a huge skill to master, so it is not uncommon for some children to need extra help developing these skills.

At Kid Speak Perth, we improve your child’s literacy so they can unlock their academic and creative potential.

Our Literacy Services

We support your child’s literacy development through tailored, fun and effective literacy interventions.

Our experienced speech therapists use evidence-based synthetic phonics techniques to target:

  • Fluent alphabet knowledge and letter sound awareness
  • Phonological awareness skills (a group of precursor skills which focus on teaching children to identify the individual sounds within words)
  • High frequency word identification (e.g. Sight or Key Words)
  • Reading and writing according to phonetics
  • Reading and writing according to complex spelling patterns and rules.

We follow the Sounds Write program, endorsed by the Dyslexia- SPELD Foundation.

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Our Literacy Program

We set goals and provide fun speech therapy to work towards these outcomes:

  • Improved ability to read, spell and write.
  • Ability to identify high-frequency words, such as Sight and Key Words.
  • Improved knowledge of the alphabet and what letters sound like.
  • Understanding how to read and write according to phonetics, spelling patterns and rules.

Learn more about literacy milestones on our fact sheet.

If you are concerned that your little one isn’t meeting literacy milestones, reach out for an assessment today.

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