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Hayley Halse

Senior Speech Pathologist

Hayley is experienced in assessing and supporting children with speech, literacy, language and communication difficulties. Hayley is friendly and enjoys building positive bonds with her clients, parents and caregivers while providing evidence-based interventions to support areas of difficulty.

Hayley is passionate about providing holistic, family-centered support to clients with or without diagnoses, such as Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), and Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs; also known as dysgraphia and dyslexia). She understands the value of multidisciplinary supports, and aims to liaise with relevant stakeholders.

Hayley is trained in Sounds Write and Talk4Writing, and has completed additional professional development in the areas of high school narrative and essay writing, and supporting positive social interactions and learning in neurodiverse clients, including those with Autism, PDA, and ADHD.