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What is Speech?

A lot goes on behind the scenes to help us talk. Our tongue, lips, palate and jaw coordinate to create specific sounds, also known as speech.

While most children develop speech skills in their first three years of life, this isn’t always the case. In fact, around 13 per cent of Australian children develop speech sound or language impairments.

Speech sound impairments cause unintelligible speech and makes it hard for your child to communicate with others.

This can impact their schooling, confidence and early literacy skills.

At Kid Speak Perth, we’re passionate about using fun and effective therapy to improve your child’s speech.

Our Speech Services

We use evidence-based techniques to teach your child new ways of moving their mouth. These include prompting strategies, elicitation cues and more.

We set achievable milestones suited to your child’s needs. Our ultimate goal is to enable your child to speak with clarity, confidence and ease.

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When To Contact Us

Speaking clearly can be tricky, and it is common for children to mispronounce words.

This makes it hard to tell what is a typical developmental process, what is cause for concern.

If you or others are struggling to understand your child, seek help from an experienced speech therapist. If you’re concerned that your child has speech developmental delays, don’t wait to find out. Early intervention is the best prevention.

Contact us for an speech assessment today.

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