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Research shows that early intervention is essential for children who have challenges communicating. At Kid Speak Perth, it is at the heart of everything we do.

Our speech therapists in Cockburn are located near you with our modern, purpose-designed offices are equipped with toys and engaging resources for your child.

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Early Intervention Is Best

Children learn to communicate by interacting with the people around them. If you have concerns about whether your child is understanding and speaking within developmental milestones, don’t hesitate to contact our Cockburn speech therapists for a speech pathology assessment.

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Providing Therapy

Each child we collaborate with receives personalised attention, and customised speech therapy programs are created based on their specific requirements. Our committed speech therapists in Cockburn use various, evidence based techniques to ensure the effectiveness of the therapy. When it comes to paediatric speech therapy, our goal is to make it enjoyable, grounded in evidence, and empowering. We strive to help your child reach fullest potential!

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Working Together

Utilising specialised techniques in children’s speech therapy, our skilled speech therapists in Cockburn will collaborate with you and your child to ensure success. We are committed to supporting your child throughout their communication journey. process. With our customised speech therapy sessions, we can help your child achieve extraordinary things.

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Early Communication Milestones

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