Play / Social Skills

Social skills are the play and interaction skills that underpin positive social interactions. Social skills therapy targets: 

  • early play skills (eg. people games such as peek-a-boo and pretend or symbolic play)

  • eye contact and gesture use

  • turn taking

  • use of language and tone of voice

  • asking questions

  • flexible thinking and sharing

  • initiating play (e.g. joining in)

  • conversation skills

  • Theory of Mind (e.g. putting yourself in another person’s ‘shoes’ to make a guess about how they may be feeling, what they are thinking and what they will do next)

  • reading body language and being a ‘social detective’

  • knowledge of social cues and expected behaviours. 

Social skills are important for your child’s ability to create and maintain meaningful friendships. They also provide a framework for how children make sense of their world. 

Download our Social Skills Flyer below: