Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs speech therapy?

There are many reasons children attend speech therapy. Sometimes, children may not be communicating within developmental milestones. Other times, speech therapy can boost development and academic success. Speech therapy can give your child the tools they need to be confident learners within the classroom. Please see our tip sheets which you can use to help decide whether speech therapy could assist your child. Alternatively, we are always happy to discuss your child’s communication with you- please don’t hesitate to call.

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How long will my child need therapy and what will speech therapy involve?

Every child is different and learns at their own pace. Once your child has been assessed, your Speech Pathologist will recommend a therapy plan that will outline therapy intensity.

Therapy at Kid Speak is flexible and centered around the needs of your child. Some sessions may be play based. Other times a structured, table top approach may be more appropriate. Generally speaking, your child will complete ‘blocks’ of activities separated by short breaks. If requested, your Speech Pathologist will provide strategies and activities so you are empowered to support your child’s communication skills at home.

Can I claim a rebate on my sessions?

Speech therapy rebates can be claimed with private health insurers. Your rebate will depend on your level of cover. Medicare rebates may also be available under a Medicare subsidized Health Care Plan (accessed via your General Practitioner).

Do I need a referral?

Not always. Parents/ carers may self refer by calling (08) 6383 9918 or emailing A referral from your General Practitioner is required for families claiming sessions under a Medicare subsided Health Care Plan.

My child is shy and sometimes weary of new people. Will this be okay?

Absolutely! In order for your child to learn with your Speech Pathologist they must feel safe and comfortable. During your first few sessions, your Speech Pathologist will take time to get to know your child by working at their pace and gradually engaging them with toys that they like. As your child shows that they are feeling comfortable, your Speech Pathologist will begin to introduce communication-building activities, nestled within fun activities.

Is my child just being “lazy”?

Not at all! Speech and language skills require practise and develop over time. We can work with you to build these skills to ensure they become easier for your child.